Spanish tomato cream soup with mozzarella noddles 15
Calamari soup 19
Goulash soup with red wine 19


Bruschetta with tomatoes and basil 4 pcs. 15
Herring fillets marinated in curry 16
Crostini with goat cheese, balsamic dressing and fresh fig 19
Beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese and pine nuts 19
Pate with port wine served with grape chutney 19
Veal with tuna and caper sauce 29
Beef tenderloin carpaccio served with rocket 29
Beef tenderloin carpaccio marinated in beetroot sauce 33
King prawns with grilled pineaple, ginger and chilili pappers 39
Herb crusted scallops served with mixed salad 47
Cheese platter with nuts, grapes, served with garlic croutons-herbal – for 2 people 45


Chicken liver rocket and avocado salad 26
Salad with grilled chicken, melon, honey mustard sauce 26
Melon, rocket, feta cheese and pine nuts salad 26
Mediterranean lemon marinated king prawns and calamari salad 39


paghetti with garlic olive oil and chilli peppers 19
Tagliatelle with porcini mushroom sauce 33
Homemade pappardelle with king prawns, curry and apple in a creamy sauce 39
Penne with veal and blue cheese sauce 35
Penne with salmon, zucchini, tomatoes and white wine 29
Papardelle with beef tenderloin, dried tomatoes, rocket and mascarpone 39
Home made ravioli with porcini mushrooms sauce 35
Porcini mushroom and chicken risotto with Grana Padano 33


Chicken liver in honey with apple and boiled potatoes 28
Chicken breast baked with mozarella in cream and tomato sauce served with chips and boiled vegetables 29
Chilli chicken breast served with French chips and French green beans with bacon 29
Chicken breast with gorgonzola sauce served on spinach with chips 33
Pork tenderloin with porcini mushrooms served with boiled potatoes and vegatables 39
Pork tenderloin with pear and saffron served with saffron risotto 39
Roasted lamb with rosemary and garlic in wine sauce served with fondant potato and green bean 43
Barbary duck breast with raisins and pine nuts in balsamico dressing served with fondant potato and boiled vegetables 55
Beef tenderloin with demi-glace sauce and red onion 69
Beef tenderloin with gongonzola sauce served with gnocchi and broccoli 79
Beef tenderloin roasted in sea salt with shallots and bread or baked potatoes / serves 2 people /rare/ 159


Sole fish with lemon sauce, boiled vegetables and boiled potatoes 29
Halibut fillet with julienned vegetables and cheese baked in parchment 37
King prawns and calamari rings in tempura with soy, coctail dips 39
Grilled Ssalmon fillet served with spinach and boiled potatoes 43
Zander leek sauce – cream, served with potatoes of water and salad vinegraitte 49
Zander fillet with butter and rocket cherry tomatoes and boiled potatoes 47


Ice cream with seasonal ruits and strawberry sauce 15
Cheese cake with strawberry mousse 15
Panna Cotta with forest fruit sauce 19
Tiramisu 19
White and dark chocolate semifredo 21
Caramel and nuts semifredo 21
Raspberry sorbet with sparkling wine and mint 21
Italian sweets platter (semifredo, panna cotta, tiramisu) 25


Bread 2
Garlic and herbs crostini 6
French fries chips 6
Boiled potatoes 6
Baked potatoes 9
Fried green beans with bacon 9
Spinach 9
Vinaigrette salad 9
Saffron risotto 9